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Core Units:



LLB101 Introduction to Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB145 Legal Foundations A

Previous: LWB141 Legal Institutions & Method

LLB102 Torts

Current Notes:

Previous: LWB147 Torts A / LWB138 Fundamentals of Torts

Previous: LWB148 Torts B / LWB139 Select Issues in Torts

LLB103 Dispute Resolution

Previous: LWB150 Lawyering and Dispute Resolution

Previous: LWB498 Dispute Resolution and Non-Adversarial Practice

LLB104 Law in Context

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB142 Law, Society & Justice

LLB105 Legal Problems and Communication

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB146 Legal Foundations B

LLB106 Criminal Law


Previous: LWB238 Fundamentals of Criminal Law

Previous: LWB239 Criminal Responsibility

LLH201 Legal Research

Notes needed!

LLB202 Contract Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB136 Contracts A

Previous: LWB137 Contracts B

LLB203 Constitutional Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB242 Constitutional Law

Previous: LWB231 Public Law

Previous: LWB235 Australian Federal Constitutional Law

LLB204 Commercial and Personal Property Law

Current Notes:

Previous: LWB243 Property Law A

Previous: LWB332 Commercial & Personal Property

LLB205 Equity and Trusts

lecture 2 - equity 2015
lecture 3/4 - fiduciary duties 2015

Lecture 5 - unconscionability 2015

Lecture 6 - equitable remedies 2015

Lecture 7 - monetary remedies 2015

lecture 8-13 - Trusts 2015

Previous: LWB240 Principles of Equity

Previous: LWB241 Trusts

LLH206 Administrative Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB335 Administrative Law

LLB301 Real Property Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB244 Property Law B

Previous: LWB236 Real Property A

Previous: LWB237 Real Property B

LLH302 Ethics and the Legal Profession

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB433 Professional Responsibility

LLB303 Evidence

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB432 Evidence

LLB304 Commercial Remedies

Notes needed!

LLH305 Corporate Law

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB334 Corporate Law

LLB306 Civil Procedure

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB431 Civil Procedure

LLH401 Legal Research Capstone

Notes needed!


LLB141 Introduction to International Law

Previous: LWB144 Laws and Global Perspectives

LLB242 Media Law

Scott Thompson, 2015
Anonymous 2009

LLB245 Sports Law

Liam Spargo, 2015
Kobe Bryant Ninja Notes, 2015

LWB302 Family Law

Scott Thompson, 2014
McMahon (Catherine B (2012) updated), 2014
Catherine B, 2012
Gillian Howard, 2010
Sam Atkinson, 2010

LWB307 Insolvency Law

Danielle Hager, 2014
Matt Robinson, 2010
Kobe Bryant Ninja Notes, 2014

LWB308 Australian Employment Law

Gillian Howard, 2011

LWB309 Succession

Stephen Arulogun (Ben Worrall - amended and expanded), 2014
Ben Worrall, 2012
Shane S Ulyatt 2010

LWB312 Real Estate Transactions

Shane S Ulyatt 2010

LWB313 Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Law

Anonymous 2009

LWB332 Commercial Law

Anonymous 2008
Susan Hedge, 2007

LWB333 Theories of Law

Anonymous 2008

LWB359 Advanced Taxation Law

Notes Required.

LWB364 Introduction to Taxation Law

Ben Worrall, 2012
Tessa Eustace, 2011
Matt Robinson, 2010
Andrew Riedel, 2009

LWB366 Law of Commercial Entities

Tessa Eustace, 2012
Josh Hill, 2009
Anonymous 2008

LWB367 Law of Corporate Governance

Notes needed!

LWB406 Fundamentals of Public International Law

Susan Hedge, 2005

LWB407 Private International Law

Anonymous 2009

LWB410 Competition Law

Tessa Eustace, 2011
Kobe Bryant Ninja Notes, 2015

LWB443 Mining and Resources Law

Notes needed!

LWB459 Commercial and Consumer Law

Nick Dowse, 2010

LWB463 Immigration & Refugee Law

Notes needed!

LWB482 Internet Law

Nick Dowse, 2009
Anonymous 2008

LLH471 Health Law and Practice

Notes needed!

Previous: LWB463 Medico-Legal Issues

Christopher Will, 2015
Anonymous, 2011 (merged and updated from Nick's notes below)
Nick Dowse, 2009
Larsen, Judge & Hill, 2008
Anonymous 2008

LWB484 Electronic Commerce and Technology Contracts

Nick Dowse, 2009

LWB485 Environmental Law

Notes needed!

LWB486 Intellectual Property

Danielle Hager, 2014
Ben Worrall, 2012
Andrew Trotter, 2009
Nick Dowse, 2009
Josh Hill, 2009
Anonymous 2008
Susan Hedge, 2006

LWB489 Native Title Law and Practice

Jay Matheson, 2013

LWB494 Principles of Sentencing

Shane S Ulyatt 2010

LWB496 Australian and Comparative Human Rights Law

Kate Redman, 2011

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